About Franca

Franca is a mindfulness teacher and psychotherapist with experience of working within the National Health Service and mental health charities. She teaches mindfulness in the mental health setting, schools, organisations and to the general public. She is based in London and Hereford. She also runs well-being and mindfulness workshops and retreats.

A bit about myself

I started to meditate in 1994 whilst studying psychology when I was so struck by how much I benefited from it. I continued to train in psychotherapy and to work in the field of mental health and wellness. Many years have gone by of practising, training and working in the mental health sector and mindfulness has always been at the core of my practice as a person and as a professional. I continue to discover and deepen my practice and I do so through teaching and sharing with others.

My desire is to help you enjoy a more fulfilling and meaningful life by sharing the art of mindful living. In practising to become mindful we can create awareness and a path towards resilience and a more authentic, kind way of being.

Being able to share my journey with you, hopefully will lead you out of your struggle and stress and into wholeness and fulfilment.

In these uncertain and stressful times we live in, learning and remembering to be mindful is our key to finding peace within, no matter what.

Mindfulness might be the path of becoming our own therapist learning ways of dealing with our negative patterns and behaviours and in this way gaining self-knowledge and ways to navigate life with increased emotional intelligence and joy.

So hopefully let’s travel together