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About Franca

From a testimonial:
Franca is a highly skilled psychotherapist who combines her many years of working for mental health charities and the NHS, with her lifelong path as a meditator and meditation teacher. She is both lighthearted and deep, compassionate, kind and extremely knowledgeable, yet humble. She is a healer of the body and the soul. I would highly recommend her for your mindfulness path towards healing and well-being.

A summary of Franca’s training

Franca has a BSc Psychology and she is also a highly trained psychotherapist. She has great experience and interest in somatic therapy and integrative approaches. She has worked both privately, for NHS (UK), and for mental health charities. Apart from being an experienced meditator and a meditation teacher, she has also trained in:
  • MBCT/MBSR training, Bangor University and Mindful Health
  • MBCT for Life with Oxford University
  • Mindfulness in Schools Project training
  • UK listing Network for Mindfulness Based Teacher Training Organisation
  • Spanish Association of Mindfulness Training AEMind